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Nicole Kidman Almost Quit Acting 9 Years Ago

Being a mom is tough, but being a working mom adds a whole other layer of complicated. Then add in some celebrity status, and it’s no wonder Nicole Kidman almost threw in the towel back in 2008 while pregnant with her daughter, Sunday Rose.

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During an interview with AP, Kidman explained her decision to almost quit acting while chatting with director Sofia Coppola. “There are so many life issues that come into it when you’re working,” she explained. “We both have children and that’s a big commitment, isn’t it?”

Kidman has four children: Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Cruise with her ex-husband Tom Cruise and daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose with her husband Keith Urban.

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She added, “At one point, I think I was pregnant with Sunday, and I was like, ‘I’m going to give up acting, I’m done. It’s too much. And the baby and that’s it.'”

But it was Kidman’s mother who reminded her why creativity is so important to keep in her life. “She said, ‘Keep your toe in the water,'” Kidman revealed, “because she said, ‘You’re going to want that as you get older.’ And it’s also healthy, if you have a creative spirit and you’re artistic, there does have to be a place for that.”

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There is definitely a place for Kidman in Hollywood as long as she wants to continue showcasing her talent, and this year we’ve seen her really step back into the spotlight. From Lion to Big Little Lies earlier this year to her new film The Beguiled, the entertainment industry just wouldn’t be the same without her powerhouse presence.

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