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Ivanka Trump & Marco Rubio Run Amok With Donald Trump Jokes

Hugging can be hard. It’s two people mutually agreeing to put their arms around each other at the same time enveloping one another in a warm embrace. When something goes wrong, you can see the image captured on camera, frozen in time and jumped upon by gazillions of Twitter users.

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That’s what happened yesterday when Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio went in for an embrace with first daughter Ivanka Trump. The two were meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss the issue of paternal leave when the encounter, which was captured by Associated Press photographer Erica Werner, took place. Rubio seems to be executing all major aspects of a hug, but Trump is stiff and unmoving, her eyes no more locked in an embrace than her arms. It looks a lot as if she is receiving unwanted contact from her least favorite uncle at a family barbecue or as if she just met a Tinder date who has obviously lied about his age and height.

As you might imagine, the internet wasted no time coming up with a few jokes.

Somewhat surprisingly, Rubio responded with his own jokes, which poked fun at anyone who thought the hug was noteworthy. Many of the tweets hinted at a “hug investigation,” which treats the investigations into Donald Trump in a lighthearted manner. The last Tweet even poked fun at President Trump more directly by bringing up his now-famous “covfefe” typo.

Much within his character, Rubio seemed to run with the joke a bit longer than everyone else, eventually firing off seven tweets on the subject.

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Ivanka Trump responded with jokes of her own. She replied to two of Rubio’s light ribs by saying, “I would have hugged him anyway,” and “Marco Rubio is a great hugger.”

Even Donald Trump Jr. got in on the fun, saying, “There should be more hugs in politics… even failed ones.”

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Two points that should not go missing from Huggate: first of all, Rubio and Ivanka Trump were meeting to discuss child care and paternity leave — two issues that could greatly impact a significant number of Americans in a positive way (if legislation is passed). It’s great that these issues are getting attention from the current administration. Secondly, nonconsensual touching shouldn’t a joking matter. While an awkward, possibly unwelcome hug may not register much in the scheme of things, let’s not forget that Donald Trump has a long history of being accused of hugging, touching, grabbing and fondling women against their will.

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