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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Will Feature a Blast From the Past

We may have to wait until the fall for Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy to grace our screens, but happily, good news about the upcoming season is forthcoming — Kim Raver will be returning to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to reprise the role of cardiothoracic god, Dr. Teddy Altman.

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We last saw Teddy in the Season 8 finale when she was fired by her military buddy-slash-former-flame Owen Hunt. Of course, there was no bad blood over the job termination since Teddy knew Owen was doing it so she’d actually accept the dream job she’d been offered with the Army.

In full disclosure, before you get your hopes up too much, Raver won’t be returning to Grey’s full time. As of now, Deadline reports that the veteran actress will enjoy a guest arc. In fact, her upcoming stint was hinted at in the Season 13 finale when Amelia Shepherd name-dropped Teddy.

It’s a particularly exciting time to see Raver return, as so much has changed on the longtime ABC medi-drama over the past few seasons.

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We watched in angst as Sandra Oh, who played Teddy’s protégé Cristina Yang, left in Season 10. We mourned (let’s be real; we’re still mourning) the loss of Patrick Dempsey, aka Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, in Season 11.

There are new babies, new relationships, ruined marriages and more. It will be interesting to see how a familiar face like Teddy plays into the shifting dynamic.

Owen is now married to Amelia, but their relationship is rocky at best. Not to mention Teddy understands Owen in a way Amelia never could given their military history. With his missing sister Megan, who was a POW, now back in the picture and Owen struggling to forgive himself for leaving her behind, Teddy will undoubtedly be a major source of comfort to him.

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Could Teddy and Owen’s closeness lead to conflict between Amelia and Owen? We’ll find out when Season 14 premieres this fall.

Don’t be surprised if Raver’s face pops up on your TV screen outside of Thursday nights on ABC, though — she will reportedly also have a recurring role on the upcoming fifth season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, which premieres on Sunday, Aug. 6.

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