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Tony Danza Is Coming Back to TV, as Tony of Course

It’s been a hot, hot minute since TV icon and idol Tony Danza was on television. The last time you probably saw him onscreen, he was playing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s dad in 2013’s Don Jon, or maybe you saw him in a guest role on Broad City in 2016. Happily, if you’re a fan of the former Who’s The Boss star, you’ll be able to catch him again on TV with his latest leading TV role.

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According to Huffington Post, Danza will star in the Netflix original show The Good Cop. The show will focus on Danza, who will play “a former NYPD officer who pairs up with his detective son. The duo are an odd-couple pairing, as Danza’s character has never followed the rules and tries hard to loosen up his overly cautious son.” I mean, this role sounds tailor-made for Danza, right? Even better, Danza’s character is reportedly named Tony, because of course it is.

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The Good Cop appears to be leaning more toward comedy than drama as a big comedy showrunner is throwing their weight into this project: Monk’s Andy Breckman. Couple this with the fact that The Office‘s Howard Klein and another Monk producer, Randy Zisk, will be coming aboard as executive producers, and it sounds like you have a strong comedy-focused team working to make this show a total success.

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I don’t know about you, but I am so hyped to know that Danza is coming back to TV and he’s capitalizing on the thriving niche of Netflix original programming to stage a full-fledged comeback. Danza and good TV go together like peanut butter and jelly, which means The Good Cop will probably be one heck of a delightful program.

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