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DOOL‘s Camila Banus Responds to Cyberbullies Who Won’t Leave Her Alone

Camila Banus is involved in a big storyline right now on Days of Our Lives. For any actor, having a prominent role is an honor when a show has an ensemble cast. Banus should be excited by the opportunity, but instead, she’s clapping back at the haters.

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Her character, Gabi, is currently a part of a love triangle, which wedges her between supercouple Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller). In May, Banus talked to SheKnows Soaps about the difficult position her character was put in.

“It’s going to be so confusing, honestly,” explained Banus. “Up to now, all that she’s been saying [to Chad] about Abigail is, ‘She’s your wife, and she’s the mother of your child. It doesn’t matter if she had a mental breakdown, she is your wife.’ ”

The love triangle is a complex story and one that Banus’ character doesn’t take lightly, even if she knows it is wrong.

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“Gabi cares about Abigail,” she told SheKnows Soaps. “She was my best friend and I care about her health. I care about her physically and emotionally.”

Banus knew she was stepping into a storyline that some DOOL fans wouldn’t like. She’s been handling the backlash pretty well. Even Flynn stepped in to support her.

That doesn’t mean Banus isn’t feeling a little hurt by the reaction — she is human after all. In fact, one of Banus’ supporters sent over flowers to brighten her day and the kind gesture obviously worked. She posted her gratitude on Instagram.

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At this point, the cyberbullies need to chill. DOOL always shoots six months ahead of schedule and new head writer Ron Carlivati’s scripts haven’t even aired yet. A regime always brings in fresh perspectives. If you don’t like where the Chad-Abigail-Gabi storyline is headed, it’s probably going to shift as Carlivati takes the show in a new direction.

In the meantime, it’s important to remember that DOOL is all fiction.

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