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First Look at RHOD Season 2 Proves Their Drama Is Bigger Than Their Hair in Texas

You know what they say about Texas — everything is bigger there. The boots, the hair and judging by ET‘s exclusive new first look at the next installment of The Real Housewives of Dallas, the drama too.

In the clip, Stephanie Hollman is doing her best to host a Halloween party when LeeAnne Locken makes her grand debut dressed up in a distinctively split-personality costume with one side of her face painted as an angel and the other a devil.

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At most costume parties, they likely wouldn’t throw up any red flags. However, word quickly begins to circulate that this particular ensembles is a pointed stab at the party’s host.

“LeeAnne is supposedly telling people she’s you. She’s two-faced. In my house. I think I might throw her out,” Stephanie’s husband Travis tells her.

Instead of giving her frenemy the boot, though, Stephanie says she isn’t going to give LeeAnne the reaction she wants. Rather, she is going to try to talk things out as adults. Unfortunately, the tense convo takes places in front of fellow wives Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber as well as Season 1 star Tiffany Hendra.

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The circle of friends manages to remain neutral, but it seems unlikely the cast will avoid the drama as it continues to unravel throughout the season. When confronted, LeeAnne jumps on the defensive, claiming, “I still have my, you know, issues directly with you. I feel like there’s a lot of things that you’ve done that confuse me… I just want you to say it to my face. ‘LeeAnne, you’re a bad person.'”

Stephanie keeps her composure, responding, “You make me nervous, because I’m afraid of a friendship with you. I’m scared that it will hurt me.”

At that point, the rest of the group wisely decides the feuding duo should perhaps move their conversation to a more private area of the party before hashing out their differences any further.

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Considering this is just one incident representing only a few minutes of the second season, we can only imagine what other dramatic cattiness is in store when The Real Housewives of Dallas returns to Bravo sometime later this year.

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