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A Martha Stewart Musical Is Coming, Because the Domestic Gods Are Smiling on Us

If you’re obsessed with things like soufflés, organic farming and all things home design, you’re gonna want to go ahead and mark your calendar for Aug. 7, 2017 — the date that a Martha Stewart musical by Ryan Raftery opens at Joe’s Pub in New York City.

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Martha Stewart will, as the name implies, tell the life story of the lifestyle icon, exploring her humble upbringing in small-town New Jersey to her stint in federal prison and beyond.

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The production rounds out Raftery’s “Titans of Media” trilogy, which includes smash-hit musicals about sartorial arbiter Anna Wintour and TV host-slash-producer Andy Cohen.

“What other titan — Andy is a very powerful guy, Anna Wintour is a very powerful woman — is on her level that I could do a show about?” Raftery told The Cut. “It really didn’t take long to land on America’s favorite purveyor of perfectionism.”

Amen to that, eh? In case you weren’t already pouring yourself a nice glass of rosé in celebration of the momentous news, details about the musical’s direction should get you sufficiently jazzed.

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To set the scene a bit, picture Stewart (played by Raftery) tearfully bidding her chickens adieu on the day she must report to prison. That’s how the musical starts, moving then into such notable milestones as her BFF status with Snoop Dogg and, naturally, her post-incarceration comeback.

Wondering what sort of music you can expect from this sure-to-be magical musical? According to the production description, it will be intercut with 12 parody adaptations of music by popular — and varied — artists like Beyoncé, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Adele, Bruno Mars and Metallica.

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Since, like us, you’re probably already planning your girls’ trip, grab a pencil and jot this down: Aug. 7, 22 and 28 and Sept. 11 & 12. Those are the dates you can catch The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Martha Stewart at Joe’s Pub.

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