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Jay Z Previews His New Song, Because Who Doesn’t Love a Gift From Jay Z?

Jay Z is the gift that keeps on giving. This time, he’s gifting us a new song to herald the arrival of his next album. The new song, “Adnis,” comes from his album 4:44, which will also be the title of a short film that will be released on Tidal — the mogul’s music-streaming service — in a collaboration with Sprint, and it reportedly drops June 30. What the heck are you up to, Jay?

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A snippet of “Adnis” can be heard playing over a new clip from the 4:44 film. It sounds a little laconic, a little contemplative and completely in Jay Z’s lane. He raps, “Letter to my dad that I never wrote/Speeches I prepared that I never spoke/Words on a paper that I never read/Prose is never penned, they stayed in my head.” It sounds like the hip-hop superstar may be dealing with some daddy issues on his new album. Considering it’s been a hot minute since his last album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, came out, this is a joyous surprise for us all no matter which way you slice it.

The release of “Adnis” comes hot on the heels of the happy news that Jay Z is a new father once more and twice over with the reported arrival of his twins earlier last week (possibly around June 12). This is a great time to be alive if you’re Jay Z (what with this new music news and a growing family) and if you’re a fan of Jay Z (because, duh, it’s time to get hyped about his album and his new film).

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What exactly is 4:44 about though? The project is being kept under wraps, but what we do know is that revered actors Danny Glover, Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’o are involved. The first trailer for the film looks stunning. Shot in black and white, the story appears to focus on a young boxer (Ali) and his trainer (Glover). It seems like Jay Z’s new songs will provide the score for the film, much in the way Beyoncé’s album, Lemonade, scored the film version of Lemonade.

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Bless you, Jay Z, for this glorious surprise.

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