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Prince William Comforted a Grenfell Tower Fire Victim & Eschewed Protocol

Once again, Prince William is in the news for doing the right thing over what he is expected to do. This time, it’s because Prince William hugged a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire over the weekend. The prince was on-site, visiting those victims who managed to escape the inferno at Grenfell tower early last week on June 13.

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Prince William and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, arrived on the scene ahead of the Trooping the Colour ceremony for the queen’s birthday celebrations. The two met with survivors, imaginably extending their condolences for the losses these victims are suffering. One can only imagine how heartbreaking it must have been to visit these families who are currently going through an unimaginable amount of grief.
In a humanitarian move much like one his mother, the late Princess Diana, might have done, Prince William broke royal protocol and hugged a grieving woman he met in a receiving line. The woman, identified by one Twitter user as a 78-year-old woman who lost her husband in the fire, appears to have her face buried in the prince’s torso. Seeing the prince break with the rules in favoring of compassion and kindness is deeply reassuring.

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The royals have been active in comforting and visiting the British people of late as the country has been beset by a spate of terrorist attacks and unexpected tragedies. Just recently, both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William made headlines when they visited the victims of the Manchester concert bombing and the first responders to the Manchester bombing, respectively.

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Prince William’s kindness and consideration are exactly what the British people need during this difficult time. As an American who bears witness to unimaginably tragic events almost every day, I can only say that it must be nice to know the British people have someone they can rely on for comfort and guidance during these uncertain times.

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