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Corinne Olympios Allegedly Remembers Something About the BIP Incident

As the ongoing investigation into what exactly happened on the set of Bachelor in Paradise continues, new details are emerging about what Corinne Olympios may or may not remember about that fateful night. At this point in the proceedings, it’s alleged information, but it could prove useful considering Olympios’ legal team has not been granted access by Warner Bros. to the crucial tapes of the incident.

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E! News was the first outlet to report on the details of Olympios’ recollections of the evening. While these details should be taken with a grain of salt because they come via a source close to Olympios, not Olympios herself, they are compelling nonetheless. The source began by telling E! that “Corinne alleges that she hasn’t seen the tape of the events and she doesn’t remember much of the events of the night because she was blacked out for the majority of it. But the last memory she has is taking a shot of tequila.”

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The source also alleges that Olympios had very little to eat that day but was drinking some strong drinks, including Champagne and a dirty martini, which Olympios believes may have contributed to her blacking out. Zero mention was made of whether Olympios was encouraged to drink by a BIP producer or if this was Olympios’ personal decision.

There are also alleged details about how Olympios got the bruises on her legs. At one point, other female cast members may have had to help Olympios, who may have been quite drunk at the time, around. For her part, Olympios cannot recall this portion of the event.

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These details certainly support Olympios’ claims that she was too drunk to consent to any sexual activity with another cast member, but without the tapes of the incident available to confirm, it’s tough to say who is truly at fault. While it’s heartening to see Olympios standing up for herself during this difficult time, it’s truly tough to imagine what she must be going through.

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