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The Official Trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 Is Aca-Everything

Your favorite girl gang is finally coming back to the big screen in the third and, it looks like, final installment of Pitch Perfect. The phenomenon, produced and directed by comedian Elizabeth Banks (aka Gail, the aca-nnouncer), is set to come back in December 2017.

The trailer acts more as a behind-the-scenes good-bye than a regular trailer. In an in-depth talk and romp-around, Pitch Perfect 3’s director, Trish Sie, shows us all the aspects of production on this film’s fun. From dance recitals to dog attacks to DJ Khaled, PP3 looks like it’s about to have it all.

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“We’re taking you on a global tour with the Bellas,” says Sie. And damn, does that statement hold true. The behind the scenes action shows Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect and all-around cool human, jumping off a burning boat; Rebel Wilson, also a star of Pitch Perfect and all-around cool human, wearing a puffy sumo-wrestler-looking suit and being taken down by dogs; John Lithgow, winner of Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe awards, tangoing with Wilson while wearing a fedora; and DJ Khaled Snapchatting himself and speaking in the third person. “DJ Khaled will be in the big movie, Pitch Perfect 3,” he says.

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Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 fans will be happy to see that all the Bellas have come back for the final go-round, which is super cool considering the Bellas will be traveling all over the world, presumably on tour, according to Sie. The Bellas on a professional tour? Yes, please!

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The behind-the-scenes also shows wrapping up shooting on the final film, which means a tearful good-bye for the Bellas. Get ready to bring some tissues, because it looks like this time, in their new post-grad life, the Bellas won’t be coming home to each other. It’s almost too on-the-nose for those post-grad/post-girl-gang folks still getting used to the real world. Ugh…

“We’re all gonna miss this,” says Sie at the end of the trailer.

Yep. You hit the aca-nail on the aca-head, sister.

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