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The Sex of Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Twins May Have Been Uncovered

Updated June 18, 5:40 p.m. PT: During this otherwise joyous time, especially on Father’s Day, TMZ has reported that Beyoncé, after just giving birth to her twins, is still in the hospital with her newborns due to some “minor complications.”

The superstar mother and her babies, accounted as a boy and girl, have been kept in a Los Angeles hospital for almost a week. Sources close to the family have spoken with TMZ and said that an unidentified minor issue has made doctors feel uneasy about releasing the mother and children.

While both remain in the hospital, the new mother of three and her babies are expected to be OK according to TMZ.

Alternatively, the LA Times is speculating about the birth of Beyoncé’s twins. While the internet crumbles under its own weight out of pure excitement, it’s important to be realistic about the lack of information that’s actually been put out there. All of it is claim after claim, like sources spotting multiple black Escalades in the Carter’s neighborhood on Tuesday; Beyoncé possibly checking into an LA hospital; and an Instagram post from Bey’s hairstylist.

Beyoncé has always been private, so private that she dropped a 45-minute-long visual album that stopped the world that day while everyone just sat around and watched in awe. She was also very private about her first daughter, Blue Ivy, and didn’t release anything about her for almost a week. Same with her and Jay’s wedding and just about everything else in her family life.

So, while it’s exciting that the Beyhive will grow by two, it’s also important not to get overzealous and believe everything you read. For all we really know, these babies haven’t even been born yet.

Original story:

The entertainment world reportedly has a new prince and princess.

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Multiple sources are confirming that Beyoncé has given birth to her twins, which — rumor has it — are a boy and a girl after a blue and pink balloon bouquet were spotted with a card reading “B & J.” Of course, in this gender-neutral world of ours, who knows what the colors actually signify.

Though the couple has yet to officially announce the birth of their babies, a source spoke with People and said, “Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends.”

The two may be notoriously private, but that hasn’t stopped Beyoncé from flaunting her baby bump since the couple announced they were expecting twins back in February.

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From Grammys performances to Instagram snaps, Queen Bey has been celebrating the belly.

Beyoncé last posted a photo on Instagram on May 29, showing daughter Blue Ivy Carter perched on her belly while hangin’ with mom.

E! News reports Jay Z and Blue Ivy were spotted at a Los Angeles-area hospital on Thursday, when Beyoncé reportedly went into labor.

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Jay Z was set to be honored at the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York City on June 15 but skipped the ceremony, presumably due to the birth of his children. Yup, that sounds like a pretty reasonable excuse.

There’s sure to be more news about Bey and Jay’s new little ones in the coming days. In the meantime, here’s to hoping the family of five is happy, healthy and enjoying their first days together in peace and quiet.

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