Real-Life Hero Tom Hardy’s Been Fundraising for People in Need

Tom Hardy has played some of the craziest characters in the history of film and television. First there was Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Then there was the crazy that is Mad Max. Don’t even get me started on The Revenant, and no one would argue his character in Taboo is normal even a little.

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At this point, no one would think you were out of line for questioning Hardy’s character in real life. Who is this man who is so good at playing such creepers?

Well, it turns out, he’s a really generous person. Buzzfeed has even dubbed him “the kindest celebrity around.”

Hardy recently gained notoriety for starting a fundraiser for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed at least 30 people and left many more injured. The page has already reached 92 percent of its £45,000 goal at the time of this writing.

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But this is far from the first time Hardy has put his money and fame into doing good. He also recently raised £39,000 for the victims of the Manchester attack at the Ariana Grande concert in May.

And Hardy doesn’t just raise money, though that would be enough to warrant a good reputation as a nice guy. He also explains exactly where the money is going and how it will help, which encourages people to donate and also proves the impact individuals can have following disasters.

For example, Hardy said he researched appropriate charities for the funds in the Grenfell Tower fire. The money will go directly to victims and their families, paying for support like rehousing efforts and meeting immediate needs.

Basically, if you have any doubts about Hardy’s decency after reading this article, you might actually be the one who’s a little off your rocker.

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Oh, also, don’t just applaud Hardy. Get in on the donating party. Every little bit counts.


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