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Barack Obama Leaked Top-Secret Information About Beyoncé’s Twins

Red alert, world, because while Beyoncé is maybe but almost definitely in labor, we don’t have to wait to find out the sexes of her perfect twin babies before they arrive. Barack Obama already accidentally revealed that.

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It happened at Jay Z’s induction into the Songwriting Hall of Fame, which Jay Z himself missed, obviously, because his wife might be actively giving birth to two new humans at this moment. It’s not really something you can pop out of for your own Hall of Fame induction.

So Jay Z’s longtime friend Obama gave a glowing speech, singing the rapper’s praises and telling the crowd all the adorable, bromancey things the two of them have in common, like this gem:

“Jay and I are also fools for our daughters, though he’s gonna have me beat once those two twins show up. And let’s face it, we both have wives who are significantly more popular than we are.”

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That’s right. Obama, with his two daughters, apparently will be beat in number of daughters by Jay Z once his two new children arrive and add to his one daughter. Do a little math, and that reveals that Jay and Bey have two daughters on the way. Welcome to the best accidental gender reveal of all time. Of. All. Time.
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Obama’s presidency may be over, but here he is just casually continuing to give Americans what we need. Bless him.

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