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Kyra Sedgwick Directs First Film With Daughter, Story of a Girl, about Female Sexuality

Kyra Sedgwick, longtime actress and now director, is busy working on a film with her daughter, Sosie, and her husband, Kevin Bacon. After years of working on-camera, she’s now in the director’s chair while her husband and daughter Sosie act for the small screen in a Lifetime Original Movie.

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The film is called Story of a Girl, and it’s about a high school girl whose hookup video goes viral and what sex means to modern women versus how sex for modern women is perceived. It’s as important a topic as ever these days, as women are fighting for their bodily rights on a daily basis while this administration continues to threaten them. The movie deals with family, relationships, physical and emotional consent and having a choice about your sex life. spoke with Sedgwick about what the film means to her and why she chose to go forward with this project.

“I think the overwhelming feeling about wanting to make this film is, I want to talk about how fucking hard it is to be a girl and a woman,” Sedgwick said. “I think there’s just a lot of competing messaging that we’re getting, and I think that, specifically, in terms of sexuality, there are really confusing messages… If a girl has sex early, it’s like, ‘Oh my God.’ If a boy has sex early, it’s ‘Good for you!’”

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Sedgwick also talked about what the film means to her in terms of her role as a mother to 25-year-old Sosie and what it’s like to discuss sex casually with a daughter.

“I think, from what I witness in [Sosie’s] generation, there’s this idea that the guys were supposed to get off and the women weren’t,” she says, as bluntly as if she were really having the discussion with her daughter. “I think that we need to talk more with our girls about their own sexual desires, and that they should be met, and they need to be met by yourself as well as others… When we submerge natural human desires and tendencies, then we’re really in trouble.”

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What could be a very awkward conversation turns into an empowering movement for young women, who might feel it isn’t OK to be interested in sex. But Sedgwick and her daughter are here to prove otherwise and break the silence about female sexuality.

You can read the full interview on, and see the film Story of a Girl on July 23 on Lifetime.

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