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Broad City Will Bleep President Trump’s Name for the Greater Good

If you’ve ever been in need of a good, healthy dose of feminist vibes, witty one-liners and honest depictions of life as a millennial woman, then you’ve probably sought out Broad City for some comic relief in this dark world. As the Comedy Central hit show approaches its Season 4 premiere, news of yet another amazing reason to tune in has been released: Broad City will bleep out President Trump’s name in any of the episodes where he’s mentioned.

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According to USA Today, star and co-writer Ilana Glazer explained the motive behind this epic decision. “”We wrote [Season 4] being like, ‘Here we go! Hillary for president!’ But after ‘this game-show host became president of our country, we rewrote a lot.'” Glazer’s Instagram is frequently peppered with political action and commentary, so it’s not too surprising that as co-writer, she would contribute her political feelings to the show.

Then again, it’s not entirely outside the realm of what’s expected in the world of Broad City for Trump’s name to be treated like such a bad word that it warrants bleeping. In fact, it is kind of a genius political move on Broad City‘s part. While the show has never been overtly political, Broad City has waded into political waters before, mostly through its exploration of modern feminist issues like sexuality and female friendship. That the show is capitalizing on its demographic’s own political leanings by treating the president’s name as something more foul or harmful than an F-bomb is, perhaps its biggest and most powerful political statement to date.

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Broad City did give us a taste of this bleep action before when they released one of their Hack Into Broad City videos. The series, which is usually released between seasons, features little scenes from the lives of protagonists Abbi and Ilana. In this particular video, “Inauguration Day,” the two besties prepare for an apocalypse to happen on the day Trump is sworn into office. As the two try to comfort each other on a FaceTime call, every time either of them says Trump’s name, the word is bleeped. For contrast, the clip does include some choice curse words that are not bleeped.

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With this news and an epic trailer giving us a preview of what to expect in the upcoming season, something tells me that Season 4 is going to be Broad City‘s best season yet.

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