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Amber Rose & Piers Morgan Are at War Over Her Recent Racy Photo

Amber Rose is basically the queen of shutting down body-shamers. She knows she’s hot. She’s comfortable AF in her skin. She doesn’t care who knows it. And she’s been attacked for it more times than we can count, yet keeps showing up to fight that good fight. Bless.

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Then there’s Piers Morgan, who is on the opposite side of that fight and tends to treat women like a misogynist would treat women. We’re not calling him any names specifically, but draw your own conclusions based on his garbage behavior.

The two celebrities, seemingly polar opposites on issues of gender and sexuality, clashed earlier this week when Rose posted a downright gorg shot of her gorg body to promote the upcoming SlutWalk, an event meant to celebrate women’s bodies and fight victim-blaming. Unable to resist raining on Rose’s parade, Morgan showed up to put in his two cents.

(Warning: The below image is NSFW)

Morgan responded to that piece of art by telling Rose to “put it away,” and we can only assume he’s referring to her pubic hair, which is on full, beautiful display in the photo.

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That kicked off a Twitter feud between Rose and Morgan that would go on for days, which you can read in full below. Before you continue reading, I’d like to just point out this exchange between Morgan and one of his followers, where he admits to lecherously ogling Rose’s exposed bush even as he slams her for putting it on display. It’s all so, so icky, fam.

Anyway, Morgan followed up his first tweet with another distinctly whiny one about how things just aren’t fair in the world for white men anymore.

This caused Rose to fire back with a shady hashtag.

And the back-and-forth continued.

Then Rose brought another example to the argument, and posted a photo of Adam Levine, naked except for the hands of a female model covering his naughty bits.

According to Morgan, though, that image is fine, because Levine shot it to support awareness for prostate and testicular cancers.

The fact that Levine using his body to raise awareness for that cause and Rose using her body to raise awareness for her cause (which is literally promoting discussion about equality for women) are different in Morgan’s eyes is so thick with uncomfortable irony, we would think he’s in on the joke. Except we know better because he has a well-documented history of saying these kinds of misogynistic things on social media.

Also, in his mind, it’s seems like it’s fine for men to be the only ones getting naked while advertising for a good cause. Morgan did so in the past and reminded us all of it when he reposted the ad on Twitter. Let’s be real, though. What kind of a bullshit argument is that?

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The feud probably could have died there, but Morgan kept it going by reposting Rose’s photo and writing more of his eye roll-inducing insults.

Luckily, though, Rose is using the whole feud to capitalize on promoting her Slut Walk.

Keep it up like a boss, Rose.

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