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A New BIP Photo May Ruin Bachelorette Season 13 for Everyone

In the wake of the allegations of sexual misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise, we know that the cast was immediately flown back to U.S. shores. As the news about the incident unfolded, however, we may have neglected to pay attention to particular BIP cast members who were posting about their journey on social media. If we had been paying more attention, we might have seen that there were some potentially major Bachelorette Season 13 spoilers in our midst.

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As Entertainment Tonight notes, there were some BIP cast members posting pictures to their Instagram that actually revealed Bachelorette Season 13 cast members that have yet to be eliminated, per the episodes that have aired already. These photos were captured from the Instagram timelines of various BIP cast members, so while they’ve disappeared from Instagram, you can check them out on Entertainment Tonight‘s coverage of the story.
The most damning instance of this spoiler-ific event is the case of still current (on the show, that is) contestants Diggy Moreland and Iggy Rodriguez. Both men posed for a photo with Bachelorette Season 12 contestant Derek Peth while all three were still in the airport on their way home. The men all appear to be tagged in the photo, and while there’s always room for the men to deny it, it’s pretty tough not to see that those are Moreland, Rodriguez and Peth.

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This could have big repercussions for Bachelorette Season 13. Aside from the obvious fact that the fun of watching is lessened a bit for some fans because they know who gets eliminated (adios, Moreland and Rodriguez!), there’s also the question of whether or not these men may have breached their contracts. For their part, as ET reports, the two men appeared in an Instagram Live video together on Monday night and maintained they knew nothing about the incident.

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As this story continues to evolve, it’s just a shame that the Bachelorette Season 13, which is no stranger to controversy, keeps getting thrown under the bus. Let’s hope that Rachel Lindsay, the current Bachelorette, emerges victorious after this.

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