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Don’t Worry — Carly Waddell & Evan Bass Are Still Getting Married on TV

Amid troubling allegations over misconduct, ABC has indefinitely suspended production of its hit summer spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise. But where does that leave alums — and BIP success story — Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, who were set to get hitched on air during the season?

Rest assured, Bachelor Nation, the quirky duo we’ve all come to know and love will still get their big day in the spotlight.

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As atrocious as the rumors circulating about what went down in Mexico are, the reality is whatever happened in those early days of filming has nothing to do with Waddell and Bass. While their televised nuptials were being played up as part of the season, the duo is not a part of the current production.

They deserve to get hitched without the current season casting a pall over their joy, right?

ABC obviously agrees, as they’ve committed to honoring the franchise’s original plan to film and then televise Waddell and Bass’s wedding — this coming from “multiple sources” who confirmed the network’s intention to E! News.

According to E! News, most of the current Bachelor in Paradise crew has packed up due to the suspension, but enough have stayed behind to move forward with filming the happy couple’s happily-ever-after, which will supposedly take place this week.

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It remains to be seen how ABC will incorporate the footage into their regularly scheduled programming, but be on the lookout. Perhaps it will be revealed at some point during the ongoing season of The Bachelorette, or maybe Waddell and Bass will get their own special spinoff.

After all, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert — another one of BIP’s rare success stories — got hitched in an extravagant California wedding, which was televised on Valentine’s Day 2016 to celebrate 20 years of The Bachelor.

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Equally adored, Waddell and Bass would certainly reel in a lot of viewers who’ve shared in the goofy couple’s unlikely love story from Day 1.

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