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Who Needs Bachelor in Paradise When You Can Swoon Over the New Bachelor Canada?

Praise be to The Bachelor gods, because fans now officially have something to distract them from this whole Bachelor in Paradise debacle. What could this divine intervention be, you ask? Why, a dreamy new Bachelor Canada: Chris Leroux.

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If you’re not big into sports — specifically baseball — you may be wondering who Leroux is. If you do happen to be a sports fanatic, though, you might recognize the 33-year-old as a pitcher who has taken the mound for top-notch teams like the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees.

Recently retired, Leroux is no longer seeking strikeouts. In fact, we’ll go ahead and run with the cliché and say he’s hoping to hit a home run as the latest suitor to look for love on the Bachelor Canada franchise.

So what do we know about this athletic lothario? Here are a few fun facts about Canada’s most eligible bachelor.

1. His last name is pronounced “le-ROO”

Not le-ROW and definitely not le-ROWX, but le-ROO — you know, as in the name of the cute little kangaroo from Winnie and the Pooh stories. Also not to be confused with Chris LeDoux, the late, great country music singer and Rodeo Hall-of-Famer.

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2. He played ball in college

Although Leroux was born in Montreal (on April 14, 1984, to be exact) and spent his early school years in Ontario, he came to the States for college. Here, he attended Winthrop University in South Carolina, where he played on the college ball team, the Winthrop Eagles.

3. He’s a tall drink of water

At 6-feet-6-inches, Leroux will very likely tower over most of the women vying for his affection on his season of The Bachelor Canada. Although, hey, it would be nice to see a few more tall ladies (holla if you don’t need heels to add height!) earn a spot on Leroux’s roster.

4. You can’t stalk follow him on social media… yet

As of press time, it doesn’t appear Leroux has any social profiles — or they are hidden from public view. Since this seems likely to change once his gig as Bachelor Canada officially kicks off in the fall, it looks like we’ll all have to be patient if we want to low-key creep his profiles.

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5. He may not realize what The Bachelor is all about

According to Hello! magazine, Leroux is not a fan of drama. Or breakups. Or dramatic breakups. During an interview with ET Canada, the strappin’ athlete revealed he isn’t good with “handling drama” and is “really bad at breaking up.” Oopsie, guess no one clued Leroux into the premise of the show.

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