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That Fifty Shades Freed Trailer That Was Removed From the Internet Is Back

Remember back in the beginning of May when a new Fifty Shades trailer leaked, clearly before it was supposed to because it was scrubbed from the internet almost immediately?

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Well now, almost six whole weeks later and still a solid eight months before Fifty Shades Freed is set to hit theaters, that trailer is back — legitimately this time.
In this trailer, we learn (again) that Ana and Christian are getting married and jetting off on their ridiculously extravagant European honeymoon on Christian’s their private jet. We get to see Ana looking classy AF in her bridal veil and hear Christian’s vows, including a very ominous “’til death do us part.” No foreshadowing there, no, none at all.

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There are also a bunch of shots of them being happy and married and Christian saying one of the, like, three sweet, non-S&M things he says about all of his money being meaningless before Ana came along. Cue the collective “Aww.”

What’s missing from this trailer is what we know is coming, because we’ve all read the books (duh). Ana’s deranged boss and Christian’s deranged ex are going to team up to try to ruin everything, because if the movie were nothing but Christian and Ana’s marital bliss, it would be pretty boring TBH. Though Jamie Dornan’s abs could probably keep us entertained for a solid hour, so they have that going for them.

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Fifty Shades Freed drops on Valentine’s Day 2018, so there’s still plenty of time for two or even three more trailers to drop. Here’s hoping, because if we’re going to maintain this level of hype for the next eight months, we will need hype fuel.

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