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Jennifer Lawrence Was On Board When Both of Her Private Plane’s Engines Failed

In an incredible report from E! News, Jennifer Lawrence’s private plane had to make an emergency landing today after a double engine failure. Everyone on board, including the Oscar-winning actress, is OK.

According to a source for E!, the flight was coming from Louisville, Kentucky, where JLaw grew up and was visiting family. During the flight, while at 31,000 feet in the air, the first engine failed and the pilots were forced to make the emergency landing. And if that wasn’t scary enough, during the landing, the other engine unexpectedly failed. Luckily, the pilots were able to make the smoothest possible emergency landing in Buffalo, New York, without any more failing parts or any harm to passengers.

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The plane was swarmed by emergency crew upon landing, but everyone exited the plane unharmed, just shaken. Lawrence has yet to make any comment about the experience, which is expected. I wouldn’t even talk about planes, let alone get on one again, if this happened to me. However, a representative for the actress confirmed with E! that she’s fine.

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There has also been no report yet as to what exactly happened to the plane, but recent news reports have given insight into why disturbingly bad turbulence and possible aircraft failures are more and more likely every day: climate change. Could this be an instance of a jet stream-affected emergency because of global warming?

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The Huffington Post spoke with an atmospheric scientist who says that climate change might not actually be the problem. Instead, the issue could be social media — not in a Y2K technology-failure sense, but because the influx in posting videos about turbulence has increased. Lawrence’s flight emergency is a part of that. Would we even know a private plane had to make an emergency landing if it didn’t belong to famous actress Jennifer Lawrence?

Both are important hypotheses to pay attention to. Regardless of the engine failure’s cause, we’re definitely glad Lawrence and everyone else on board is completely safe.

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