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Petty Genius Taylor Swift Rereleased All Her Music on Katy Perry’s Big Day

This is a move of a true genius. What follows is the account of a pop singer, locked in a dumb feud with another pop singer as the two endlessly bicker and subtweet one another, finally getting the last laugh.

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It would appear that, as Taylor Swift rereleased her entire music catalog on Spotify and Apple Music, she is attempting to get the upper hand in her ongoing feud with Katy Perry. The big kicker, though, is that Swift did this on the release day of Perry’s newest album, Witness. Naturally, there’s no outright proof that Swift is gunning for Perry. It’s not her brand to directly comment on why she did what she did. However, she’s no stranger to a fiery public feud. It’s just not surprising (to me, at least) that Swift would fire off a warning shot; being excluded from this narrative is so 2016.

I am not exactly the biggest fan of either of these singers, but shit, this is hilarious AF to me. It would seem I’m not alone either. Here’s how Twitter is responding:

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All shadiness aside, Swift has plausible deniability about her exact reasons for this catalog rerelease. The reasons I’m almost sure she’ll cite could include a softened stance on her music being available for free on a streaming platform, saying that she’s changed her views on how streaming services monetize her music. This would be a big swerve from the public fuss she stirred up two years ago, when she wrote a letter to Apple Music and then pulled her catalog altogether.
Or, Swift could tell us that while she’s working on new music. It’s been well over two years since 1989 was released, and Swift could claim she just wants to stay in the pop culture consciousness as much as possible.

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This move from Swift comes a few hours after reports surfaced of Perry’s interview with NME magazine, where she claimed that Swift tried to “assassinate her character” with the song “Bad Blood.” Perry’s been keeping Swift’s name in her mouth in the promotions for Witness, so it’s perhaps not surprising Swift would quietly fire back.

Neither singer has commented at this time about Swift’s rerelease or Perry’s NME comments, but I’m confident we’ll all be waiting to see what happens next with bated breath.

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