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Beyoncé Is Fighting for the Blue Ivy Carter Trademark

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, queen of everything, as you know, is facing a slew of legal trouble when it comes to trademarking her daughter’s name, Blue Ivy Carter. For some reason, someone is trying to ruin Bey’s track record of succeeding in every aspect of her life. An event planning company owned by commoner Veronica Morales is opposing the Carters’ renewal process for the trademark, even after years of battle.

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According to Us Weekly, court documents were filed on Tuesday through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where Beyoncé’s legal team is “asking the board to deny motion for leave for early discovery.” In simple terms, this means that the event company claims that their name came first because Blue Ivy was born three years after the company started.

Fair enough, but, like… know when to give up. Beyoncé’s legal team has forwarded a motion stating that the only reason Morales and her company won’t give up the name is “Mrs. Carter’s fame,” and “news of her newborn daughter and her unique name spread quickly.” The documents also say, “It soon became apparent that those who were searching for news about Mrs. Carter’s daughter, Blue Ivy, would also find the opposer’s wedding planning business.”

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In other words, find someone your own size to profit off of, Veronica Morales! Beyoncé simply seeks to trademark the name for familial business purposes, like launching products and a clothing line under her daughter’s name. Nothing has been settled yet, but any agreement short of Blue Ivy gaining the trademark to her own name simply won’t do for the Carter family.

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