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If Liza & Charles Don’t Happen on Younger, They Might Lose Us

It’s been three seasons of absolute torture for fans who ‘ship Liza and Charles on Younger. Now that Josh appears to be out of the picture, does this mean Season 4 will finally be the time for Liza and Charles to take their relationship even further?

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We can only hope that is what the new season will bring. Based on how Season 3 concluded, we think it’s safe to say that the romantic forecast for Liza and Charles is looking better than it has in past seasons.

For those who don’t recall, last season’s finale found Liza and Charles kissing in the Hamptons. They eventually ended up outside Liza’s hotel room, where Josh was waiting to propose to Liza. Unfortunately for Josh, he saw Liza and Charles kissing.

It’s unclear whether Josh will forgive Liza or whether they will once again get back together. Has anyone else noticed that all these two do is break up and get back together? Talk about an on-again, off-again relationship. Maybe it’s finally time for Liza to try something new — and with Charles, perhaps?

Liza and Charles’ chemistry has been teased from the beginning. Now that the two have shared a few kisses and things are rocky with Josh, it seems like the perfect opportunity for Liza and Charles to see where things go romantically.

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Who knows if it would last, because, well, he doesn’t know Liza’s secret. Either way, it’s about damn time Younger gives Liza and Charles ‘shippers what they want. How are we going to know if things will work out between them unless they actually try? The teasing has become a bit frustrating, and if something isn’t done about Liza and Charles soon, we may just have to walk away from Younger.

We don’t know for certain what will ensue between Liza and Charles, if anything, in Season 4. That said, there is a quick moment featured in this season’s trailer that sure makes it look like Liza and Charles are going to get busy up against a stack of books. Finally! And how hot is that?

As you can see below, this absolutely looks like Liza having a great time with a mysterious man. If you look closely, it appears to be Charles, yes?

Younger Season 4: Charles and Liza hooking up
Image: TV Land/YouTube

Here is another screengrab from the trailer. As you can see, that is the same stack of books behind Charles that is also behind Liza in the above image. Charles is also taking off his tie, which just might mean that he and Liza are getting hot and heavy.

Younger Season 4: Charles and Liza hooking up
Image: TV Land/YouTube

This doesn’t mean Josh is completely out of the picture, but it’s definitely a move in the right direction. Also, if you watch the Season 4 trailer below, it kind of seems like Josh and Kelsey are getting a lot closer. It could be purely platonic, especially since they can now bond over Liza’s secret.

Or, you know, their newfound bond could push them together in the romantic sense. If that’s the case, then that could also open the door for Liza and Charles.

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Let’s just keep those fingers crossed that Charles and Liza ‘shippers’ dreams finally come true.

Younger Season 4 premieres Wednesday, June 28 at 10/9c on TV Land.

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