Gal Gadot Shares Unedited & Heartfelt Video Message With Fans

In case you didn’t know it already, Gal Gadot is your new lady crush.

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The Wonder Woman star is an inimitable badass and basically the perfect star to bring the feminist icon/superhero to life.

What makes her even better is how humble she is about it all.

Gadot took to Twitter this week to send a sincere, heartfelt thank you to her fans who made the opening weekend of Wonder Woman so successful — it’s grossed over $300 million in its first week.

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you,” Gadot said in a video posted to her Twitter Wednesday. “Thank you for making this weekend the most amazing weekend and the craziest weekend I’ve ever had in my life. You made this movie what it is, and your love and support for this character and myself are not to be taken for granted.”

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What made the post even better is how Gadot captioned it by writing, “To my fans. Thank you all, I love you all so much,” and then writing, “thank you” in eight more languages.

We seriously can’t even think of anyone better to play Diana Prince than Gadot, who is strong, humble and kind. In a world that seems increasingly vitriolic and divisive, we need heroes like Wonder Woman. But even more, we need real-life heroes like Gadot. Spreading that kind of kindness and light truly makes the world a better place, so as Gadot thanks us for supporting her, we have to thank her for giving us that.

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Keep kicking ass, Gadot.