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Brad Pitt Insinuates Donald Trump Has Killed Us All

Well, this is bleak.

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Brad Pitt has some opinions about Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, and predictably, he’s not pleased with the president’s move here.

Pitt was on the Jim Jefferies Show this week, where his appearance on the episode included a lot of talk about the U.S. stepping away from the agreement. “The world is still grappling with [Donald] Trump withdrawing from the Paris Accord, and we wanted to address it one more time before we say goodnight,” host Jefferies said. “To help us understand climate change and what it means for the world, he’s our own Jim Jefferies Show weatherman.”

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That weatherman was, of course, Pitt, who was dressed like a pretty stereotypical old-school weatherman in an oversize brown blazer. He stood in front of the weather map, where every continent was an ominous shade of red to show rising climates.

“Things are going to be getting warmer in this area here,” he said, gesturing at a full half of the globe and then turning and gesturing at the other half, adding, “And this area here.” Jefferies then asked Pitt what might be expected in future forecasts, and Pitt turned to face the camera, dramatically deadpanning, “There is no future.”

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That might be a little melodramatic, but Trump’s stance that climate change is something we can ignore is obviously harmful for all people alive now and for future generations. We’re not all dead yet, but if Pitt’s to be believed, the end is nigh. As someone who has been speaking about climate change for years through his work with the Clinton Global Initiative, Pitt is someone who might actually know a thing or two about this stuff, so yikes.

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