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The Trailer for Netflix’s New Thriller Gypsy Has Arrived, & It’s Creepy

There’s a new trailer out for Naomi WattsNetflix original series Gypsy, and we’re just gonna go ahead and pencil in a Netflix and chill day on June 30 when this one drops.

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Watts stars as Manhattan therapist Jean Holloway, who starts to push the boundaries of professional relationships with her patients and get way too involved in their lives — and the lives of those they’re close to. The new trailer shows Watts’ character getting real cozy with one patient’s (ex?) girlfriend. Also, she’s creepy AF. See for yourself:

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The new trailer also shows some glimpses of Holloway’s relationship with her husband, played by Billy Crudup, who isn’t falling for any of her bullshit. She clearly is a repeat offender when it comes to breaking all the rules for mental health professionals, and yet somehow she’s still getting away with it. How is this a thing? So many questions. Gonna have to watch this one.

The new trailer is even creepier than the first trailer, which showed Watts solemnly reciting the Hippocratic Oath and guaranteeing she’s going to be one of the eeriest characters ever on TV.

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The full season of 10 episodes hits Netflix at the end of June, which is a banger month for the streaming service — it’s also the month when the new season of Orange Is the New Black drops. So, basically, what we’re saying is this: If you had any plans for the month of June that were not “watch Netflix,” just go ahead and cancel them now.

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