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Evan Rachel Wood Teased Westworld Season 2 Because She Hates Us

Well, here’s a thing. Evan Rachel Wood posted a Westworld Season 2 teaser to her Instagram and completely messed up my day. Now, I feel it’s imperative to share it with you in the hopes that it leaves you with the same feelings of elation, curiosity and annoyance that it left me with.

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Late Wednesday, Wood posted a photo of her corseted midsection to her Instagram. The caption was almost as intriguing as the (safe for work) close-up of her body. “Corset training has started again. Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon….,” she wrote, tacking on a few very telling emojis onto the caption: a dress, a horse, a cactus, a keyboard, a robot head, an eye and finally what looks like a Western vista. Damn, girl, quit intriguing us while saying nothing at all!

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One Instagram user commented, “Thank god…you’re going to be in something other then [sic] that damn blue shirt and white pants.” To be honest, I’m kinda glad about this too, because while I love a relaxed look on Dolores, it will be kind of fun to see why she changes her outfit, especially if it’s specifically related to her Season 2 arc. Another commenter echoed my excitement precisely, and might I add, in a really funny way: “While you’re probably having slight respiratory problems, I feel like I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!” Same, fam.

While it’s incredibly intriguing that Wood would post a photo like this, it’s also a glaring reminder that we still have to wait so damn long for Westworld Season 2. That’s right. In case you’ve somehow forgotten, Season 2 of Westworld doesn’t hit our TV screens until 2018. So, yeah, I’m just going to be crying forever and combing through the internet now for more spoilers, because this photo has sent me on a downward spiral. Thanks, Wood.

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Anyone want to go weep in a glass of whiskey with me?

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