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Prince Harry Kissed this 97-Year-Old Widow, & It’s Adorable

There are weird couples in Hollywood all the time, so we’re fairly used to the major age differences between some. But 97 and 32? Not so sure… Until I found out it was a sweet smooch between best buds, Prince Harry and Daphne Dunn, a 97-year-old widow from Australia who waited for hours in the rain just to kiss her beloved prince.

The prince was visiting Down Undah to promote the Invictus Games, a multisport tournament of Harry’s own design in which wounded, injured or sick armed services veterans compete. He arrived to a hoard of fans waiting patiently under a sea of umbrellas. But when he got off the boat, the prince dashed for his best friend Daphne.

The two had met previously while Prince Harry was visiting Australia after a stint in the Army, where he gave Dunn, the widow of a World War II soldier, a sweet little kiss on the cheek. This time, “He remembered me and gave me another kiss on the other side,” she told NBC News.

I mean, just look at these lovebirds.

Prince Harry Kisses Daphne 1
Image: Getty
Prince Harry Kisses Daphne 2
Image: Getty
Prince Harry Kisses Daphne 3Image: Getty
Prince Harry Kisses Daphne 4
Image: Getty

And even cuter, the first time they met:

Prince Harry Meets Daphne
Image: Getty

In conclusion, kids, if Prince Harry can travel all the way to Australia and remember a sweet woman he kissed on the cheek, and said woman, who is 97 years old, can wait for hours in the rain to kiss him again: THE BOY YOU’RE DATING HAS NO EXCUSE NOT TO TEXT YOU BACK.

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