Mischa Barton Nabbed a Boyfriend Who’s a $574 Millionaire

At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt bad for Mischa Barton. She’s had a rough go at life for the past 10 years. Between her infamous drug and partying addictions in the early 2000s and her most recent time spent in court over her ex-boyfriend’s selling of “revenge porn,” the O.C. alum has been begging for some better days. And those days are here.

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E! News revealed today that Barton’s new beau is a gorgeous and hunky Australian model, who also happens to be a millionaire, by the name of James Abercrombie. The two met at a party in Los Angeles, and after going on a quick little trip to France, have been noted as dating exclusively, according to Abercrombie’s modeling agency, Bucknall Management/FMR Model Management. His fortune comes from his father, Andrew Abercrombie, the former treasurer of the Victorian Liberal Party in Australia.

Good looking? Heir to millions? Sign. Me. Up.

Mischa Barton & James Abercrombie
Image: Backgrid

Barton, of course, didn’t necessarily need to gold-dig. She has made a name for herself all on her own and played a huge role in the O.C.’s success, so to say, “She’s only dating him because he’s rich,” is rich in itself. Not only has she been successful as an actress, but in the social justice department, she’s doing her part. Barton’s court case, which she won, against her ex-boyfriend stands up against lack of consent within relationships. Her ex was not only releasing her sex tapes, but selling them, which Barton and her lawyer called “revenge porn.” The court banned the revenge porn and ordered her ex to keep his distance.

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After such a trying time for Barton, it’s nice to see she’s settling in with someone who at this point seems like a positive influence in her life. She has yet to post any sort of Instagram of the two of them, but be on the lookout for the beyond-pretty couple on social media.


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