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How the Internet Is Shaming VP Mike Pence on His Birthday

It’s Vice President Mike Pence’s birthday, a day for us to offer him our sincerest well-wishes as he enters a new year of life.

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Oh, JK, this is the guy who thinks we can electrocute the gay away and who wants the law to require women to cremate or bury miscarried and aborted fetuses and who made it legal for businesses in Indiana to discriminate based on sexual orientation and who blocked Syrian refugees from settling in Indiana. Basically, he’s the worst. The internet gets that. That’s why it stepped right up when Speaker Paul Ryan asked Twitter to wish Pence a happy birthday and offered some very appropriate responses.

Chelsea Handler sent him a birthday message

One guy made him a birthday card

This couple celebrated in the best way — with love

Some simply took it as an opportunity for a roast

LOL, because he’s super-weirdly restrictive about what his wife can do without permission! Good one!

Some focused on his political history
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Others made jokes that Pence was sure to really appreciate, you know, with that shining sense of humor of his

Others just flat-out refused to wish him a happy birthday…

…or made pretty specific birthday wishes for the vice president

There were references to investigations into the current administration…

…and comparisons to the religious extremists Pence attacks on the regular

And some clever photo-editing

Lots donated to Planned Parenthood, a vital organization Pence has fought to defund

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Luckily for Mike Pence, none of this birthday hate means anything, because Eric Trump confirmed critics of the Trump/Pence presidency are “not even people.”


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