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Jerry Seinfeld Had Every Right to Deny Kesha a Hug, Internet

Circle up, internet, because we need to have a serious talk. Today, we’re going to learn about a little thing called personal space. It’s really important, so pay attention.

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The internet is a-buzzin’ today over a little red carpet snafu that got caught on tape. According to the video evidence, Jerry Seinfeld was giving an interview when he was approached by Kesha. She told him she loved him. She asked him for a hug. Then — and this part is important — he said no.

She asked again, to which it appears he turned her down. This happened a total of three times. It was really cringey and it inspired tweets like this one:

Actually, there is something more infuriating: the way some people seem to think Kesha was entitled to that hug.

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Why should Seinfeld be forced to hug her? Why should he allow his body to be touched when he doesn’t want it to be? Imagine if Kesha were giving an interview and Seinfeld tried to badger her into giving him a hug she clearly didn’t want to give. It would be kind of creepy and you’d feel pretty uncomfortable for Kesha, right? Because it’s her body, and if she doesn’t want a man to touch it, she shouldn’t have to let him, yeah? Same thing applies here. Seinfeld didn’t want a hug, so he didn’t have to give or receive a hug. Full stop.

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So, internet, let’s take this prime opportunity to change the narrative around personal space. Instead of talking about how awkward this moment was, let’s applaud Seinfeld for standing up for his personal space. Good talk, internet.

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