Lauren Graham’s Next Projects Are Going to Thrill Gilmore Girls Fans

Lauren Graham may not be Lorelai Gilmore anymore, but that character has had a profound impact on the trajectory of her career.

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Now that Gilmore Girls is over, Graham is moving on to new projects. But she has a pretty specific idea of the kind of work she wants to do, and it’s not like the shows we tend to see on TV today.

“I look at the success of ‘A Year in the Life’ and what it did for Netflix, and what I write as a screenwriter is in that same vein of happy romantic comedies,” she told IndieWire. “I’m really devoted to that genre as something we need — hopeful, smart stories of having some love — and the idea that it’s just for girls is ridiculous. Nobody really makes romantic comedies anymore, and I don’t get why. I just don’t like watching zombies kill each other. I see how much the new Gilmore Girls has meant to the people who loved it, and I feel even more strongly that I want to be a part of things like that.”

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So what’s up next for Graham? She’s teaming up with her Parenthood co-star Mae Whitman to adapt Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan’s book The Royal We. It tells the story of an American woman studying at Oxford who meets and falls in love with Britain’s heir to the throne. Then, on the eve of the wedding, she grapples with having second thoughts about joining the royal family.

“I want to be part of storytelling that gives someone a lift of some kind,” Graham said. “It doesn’t have to be role-model-y, necessarily, but I’m proud to have put something positive in the world, and I feel even more devoted to that now because I need it. I’m just devoted to storytelling, and I don’t care as much if I’m in it anymore. I’d be just as happy to write it.”

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More romance on TV — that’s something we can get behind.


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