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Ariana Grande Just Moved a Tiny Fan to Tears, & We’re Not Crying, You Are

Prepare to feel all the feels, people. No, seriously — like, stop what you are doing and find a place where you can quietly muffle your sobs (or at the very least your irrepressible urge to loudly exclaim, “Awwww!”). The video Ariana Grande just shared of a baby crying to her One Love performance will straight-up yank on your heartstrings.

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Although we’re not privy to who this precious child is or belongs to, we do know one thing: This tiny fan is probably the sweetest thing we’ll see all week.

And by sweetest, we clearly mean adorable-in-a-way-that-will-make-your-ovaries-hurt. I mean, good gracious, if you can watch this child try to sing along with Ariana Grande’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while big, fat baby tears roll down her cheeks, your heart is clearly made of unfeeling steel.

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Perhaps the baby could sense all of the emotion Grande poured into the performance. The benefit concert was held on behalf of those affected by the bombing outside her Manchester Arena concert on May 22 during which 22 people were killed and 116 injured.

Grande’s One Love Manchester concert raised more than $13 million for the corresponding Red Cross fund.

The baby in this video must be an empathetic little soul, and the world obviously needs as many of those as we can get right now. So, TTYL, signing off to go watch this video 1,000 more times, ugly cry and remember that there’s hope for humanity yet.

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