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The Best Reactions to Wonder Woman From Men

Many women are deeply invested in the Wonder Woman movie, released June 2. Its very existence — a blockbuster superhero film starring a woman, also directed by a woman — cast it into an almost mythical light. It was the one we’d been waiting for, and it felt like a lot rested on its success. Conversely, it felt like there was much to be lost if it failed.

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I mean, it felt like we needed this. Not every woman felt it, but for many of us, the success of this movie was a rallying cry, a confirmation of our worth and existence and a huge signal to Hollywood that we want these stories! We’re willing to pay for these stories! We are desperate for stories about strong, vulnerable, nuanced women who are more than love interests or eye candy to their more powerful male co-stars.

It’s been interesting, then, to see men’s reactions to the same film. Reactions that have largely been absent of the significance imbued by virtue of being viewed through a female lens. Some men pouted and protested women’s-only screenings of the film, and David Edelstein’s tone-deaf film review in Vulture raised hackles across the internet as he focused more on star Gal Gadot’s “superbabe” physique than the content of the film.

Some men got it, though. They understood perfectly why this film meant so much to so many, and they wanted to celebrate it too.

Here, we’ve gathered the most interesting responses to the movie from male Twitter users; good, bad, woke and beyond.

Here we go!

Well friend, good things sometimes come from murky beginnings. Much like the term SJW (or social justice warrior), which is intended to be pejorative, but really just describes someone willing to stand up and fight for others. Terrible, huh?

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Oh shit, lady friends. Have you heard? Muscles are gross! Power is only sexy when it’s not all muscly and stuff because muscles are for men. Men only, you hear? No girls allowed. Source: dirtbag.

Oh, Paul.

Paul, Paul, Paul.

Let me allay your concerns by assuring you that yes, in fact, women who wear makeup and bikinis (metal or otherwise) do “count” as feminists.

Stay-at-home moms can be feminists, sex workers can be feminists, drop-dead gorgeous women can be feminists, muscly women can be feminists and (gasp!) even men can be feminists! The only thing required to “count” as feminist is the “radical” belief that men and women deserve equitable treatment. Somehow, I think Diana Prince has that base covered.

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Hey, it’s OK to not understand why some things bear so much significance to other people, buuut it’s also kind of lazy to just end the conversation there, with your own ignorance.

This might be a good chance to dig deep, do some research and find out why women have been so affected? Could it be that in a culture that incessantly polices our sexuality, our clothing, our reproductive capacities and our earning potential, the image of a badass Amazon queen kicking ass is enough to raise goose bumps?

Yasssss, king!

These men, on the other hand, do get it.

What. Is. This. A man who not only enthusiastically liked the film, but also tweeted at its director to congratulate her and refers to it as “emotional” in a positive context? Niklas. Call me.
Good old Rich seems to embrace the spirit of empowerment and advancement that many women also felt about the film.

Twitter user @Mapplebee was totally down with the reversal of the typical “guy saves girl” movie trope.

And even self-help guru Deepak Chopra hopped aboard the love train for Wonder Woman.

More, please!

Some men didn’t just love it — they wanted more. And soon!

Michael Richardson wants as many Wonder Woman movies as there are Fast and Furious films. We can’t say we disagree.

Some dudes got their art on to help the film’s effects linger a little longer.

And one proud dad took this gorgeous picture celebrating just what the film meant for his daughter — and him as a feminist dad.

Suffering Sappho, we can’t wait for a sequel!

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