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Johnny Depp’s New Japanese Beer Commercial Is Here & Confusing

So, Johnny Depp is allegedly out of money (even though he denies that’s a thing) and needs to keep the cash flow coming in. So what does he do? He films a weird Japanese beer commercial, duh.

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This commercial may look familiar, because we’ve seen this storyline before. On the classic and tragically canceled-too-soon TV show, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. In one episode, James Van Der Beek, who plays himself, gets a little strapped for cash and films a Vietnamese energy drink commercial, like you do. It’s basically just a completely unrelated sequence of scenes culminating in his standing in outer space and yelling, “Dawson is the moon!” It tragically cannot be found anywhere on YouTube, but you can see it here.

While Depp doesn’t speak in his commercial (unfortunately), it’s just as delightfully random as the fictional commercial from Don’t Trust The B. He rocks out on his guitar with Japanese musician/actor Masaharu Fukuyama and their only audience member is some bird of prey (a falcon? A hawk? I don’t know), and there’s a helicopter for literally no reason, and then everyone shares a beer. This is storytelling at its best.

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Whatever is going on with Depp’s career these days, we hope he keeps this up. The Pirates franchise seemed like a pretty major career milestone, but this — this is art.

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