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General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms Reveals Her Battle With Depression

General Hospital fans have been voicing their concerns for General Hospital star Kirsten Storms for months. From her thin appearance on the show during the winter to the knowledge that she was weathering a divorce with husband Brandon Barash, most viewers were kind and compassionate in their concern.

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However, one online troll decided to offer unsolicited advice to Storms after it was revealed she was returning to General Hospital by telling her to lay off the drugs. Storms wasn’t about to let that false information just sit there on the internet, so she clapped back with refreshing honesty.

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This admission opened the floodgates to even more love and support from GH viewers because many of her fans have battled the same disease. While Storms had every right to keep her health struggles private, she also did a world of good by shedding the stigma of depression. Because Storms is in the public eye, many people are able to relate to her journey.

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While this admission was in early May, she’s continued to post somewhat cryptic Instagram posts that some viewers take as sharing her depression story. Even if the social media photo in question was only intended for a laugh, fans continue to use the opportunity to offer words of encouragement to Storms as she makes her way back to Port Charles.

“I hope you feel a lot better, but most of all your health comes first,” wrote Instagram user jakelina1977 in the comments.

“Keep your head up, girly! You are a strong woman! Remember you are loved!!” said Instagram user dallaschick262008 on Storms’ Instagram page.

Her social media posts have also been encouraging because Storms looks happy and back to her fit shape. By prioritizing her health and her family first, she’s sent a wonderful message to her fans who also may be suffering from depression.

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