13 Loose Ends That Will Be Tied Up in Orphan Black‘s Final Season

The final season of Orphan Black is right around the corner. It will surely be a sad day when the series comes to an end.

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Not only has it given fans an amazing ride, but it’s been one TV drama that has empowered women in more ways than one — and that obviously includes the incomparable Tatiana Maslany playing multiple roles.

On June 10, Season 5 finally premieres, so why not get in the spirit of the new season by dropping some teasers. Here’s what our fellow Clone Club members can expect from the upcoming episodes. Warning: Based on the following hints, it sure sounds like the last season is going to be a doozy. When isn’t it?

1. The clones unite as one

As revealed in a Season 5 teaser, it’s clear that now more than ever Sarah, Helena, Alison and Cosima will join forces to fight their final battle. “Together we fight with everything we’ve got,” they declare in the video. These four aren’t going to give up on each other.

2. Sarah’s fate is revealed

If you’ve been wondering how Sarah is doing after the Season 4 finale, which left her wounded on the island rocks, here you go. We’re not lying when we say this scene is super-intense.

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3. Alison gets kidnapped

The trailer for the upcoming season shows what appears to be Alison getting kidnapped by some unknown individuals. When are these clones going to catch a break?

4. Helena kills another clone?!

Whoa. Helena totally kills an unknown clone. What is happening?

5. Rachel won’t be stopped

Orphan Black Season 5: Rachel and Ira are working together
Image: BBC America

She did stab Susan Duncan, aka her mother, in order to take over Neolution and resume human cloning in the Season 4 finale, so you know very well that Rachel isn’t going to give up her power without a fight.

6. Cosima and the cure

Orphan Black Season 5: Cosima will work on the cure
Image: Giphy

Let’s not forget Cosima’s journey to find the cure and that she escaped the island with half of the replicating cells. Rachel still has the other half. As executive producer Graeme Manson told TVLine in June 2016, “It’s the same [material], but they have vastly different agendas. Cosima wants to cure herself and her sisters. Rachel wants to use that replicating cell line to restart human cloning, and her vision for the clones is not one where they are coddled and given the illusion of freedom and choice while they’re being monitored.”

7. Cosima and Delphine will get back on track

So they’re getting married, right? Doesn’t this look like a wedding?

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8. Sarah is going to kidnap her own daughter

Orphan Black Season 5: Sarah is going to kidnap Kira
Image: BBC America

Sarah says in the trailer that she’s going to kidnap her own daughter, who Rachel seems to have taken hostage. This sure sounds like a rough season for Sarah.

9. Kira’s strange connection will be explored

Orphan Black Season 5: Kira's psychic connection
Image: BBC America

Is Kira psychic? What is her connection to the clones? Well, it’s something that will be explored. In September 2016, Manson told TVLine, “That has been a[n] enduring mystery, and I’ve always liked the fact that whatever is up with Kira, it’s something that Sarah can’t quite face.” He continued, “She’s hasn’t been able to face it or address it because she’s just a little kid. She doesn’t want her to be special or different or chased around or whatever. But I think there’s a reckoning coming this year.”

10. The clones’ origin will be unveiled

Orphan Black Season 5: clones origins will be uncovered
Image: Giphy

Finally, after four seasons, the one mystery fans have been waiting for will be uncovered. As the season’s description reads, “Protecting both her families, and the host of clones she’s yet to meet, Sarah and those still fighting the fight will uncover the missing pieces of the insidious conspiracy — and finally learn the story behind their origin.”

11. Someone will most likely die

Orphan Black Season 5 deaths
Image: Giphy

This wouldn’t be Orphan Black without a few deaths, right? Let’s just hope it’s not a beloved character, but it’s absolutely a possibility. The description released about Season 5 also revealed that Sarah has a huge battle ahead of her that just might end in demise. “Despite the great risk,” the description reads, “the fight of her life will either set her and her sestras free, or see them meet their end.”

12. Krystal isn’t going anywhere

Orphan Black Season 5: Krystal searches for clone answers
Image: BBC America

Anyone else love Krystal as much as us? Now that she knows something is up, she isn’t going to stop looking for answers. That’s something she makes very clear in the trailer too. In our opinion, the more Krystal, the better.

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13. Helena’s babies & her body are hers

Orphan Black Season 5: Helena's babies
Image: Giphy

Helena will never stop protecting her twins. As she says in the one trailer, “Now we fight to control our bodies,” which she absolutely will do in the most Helena way possible.

Who else is excited, yet also a bit scared, for the new season? Orphan Black Season 5 premieres Saturday, June 10 at 10/9c on BBC America.

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