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A Ranking of the Most Ridiculous Storylines That Ever Happened on Pretty Little Liars

It only seems appropriate, with Pretty Little Liars soon coming to an official end, that we should examine some of the most ridiculous storylines to have ever occurred on the Freeform series.

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Yes, this show has always been over-the-top and we recognize that it is pure fiction, but there is no denying that sometimes PLL has gone way too far. Actually, some of the moments are beyond stupid. As much we have enjoyed the series, it has also rubbed us the wrong way — multiple times. Also, let’s face it: it would probably take seven seasons to gather all the most ridiculous storylines, just like it’s taken the Liars seven seasons to figure out who has been torturing them for years. Oh, wait, they haven’t figured that out yet.

With that, let’s examine these ludicrous storylines by ranking them from bad to the absolute worst. There may only be a handful listed, but that’s because these are the ones that stood out the most.

24. The overall fashion

Pretty Little Liars has the most ridiculous fashion
Image: Giphy

The fashion on PLL tells a story in itself, but what’s so infuriating about it is that no one in high school dresses like this.

23. The pig in the trunk

Remember when the Liars plus Mona opened up the trunk of Wilden’s car and found a dead pig? Yes, it was gross, but it was a total letdown. The way the stars and creator I. Marlene King teased the reveal made it seem like something so major. The Season 3 finale left fans wondering what was in the trunk, so to discover it was only a pig? Come on, PLL, you’re better than that.

22. The “reveal” of Charles
When the Liars were kidnapped and left to fend for themselves inside the dollhouse, it made for one of the more memorable moments of the show. What made it frustrating was when Charlotte (then known as Charles) came up behind Spencer. Rather than turning around and ripping off the mask like a normal person would, Spencer stood still and uttered, “Is that you, Charles?” Really? By the time she turned around, Charles was gone.

21. Ashley Marin and the ghost

During the Season 3 Halloween episode, Ashley encountered a creepy little girl ghost. It was beyond strange and left fans with so many questions. Apparently, PLL transitioned into a supernatural show for a second.

20. Beach Hottie

Will we ever know who the mysterious Beach Hottie is? Charlotte assumed it was Wilden, but it was never actually confirmed. Bustle spoke with King in April and she didn’t even seem to know Beach Hottie’s identity. “I thought that was Wilden. Wasn’t that Wilden?” she said. “I’ve got to look it up, but I’ll get back to you on that.” OK, so is it Wilden or not? Why incorporate such a confusing storyline and character? Maybe it will be revealed in the series finale.

19. “Jailhouse Rock”

Don’t get me wrong, we love a good musical, especially when it involves Elvis Presley music. However, in Season 7, Aria’s dream featuring Mona singing “Jailhouse Rock” was super random. This is what the drama has come to.

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18. Noel Kahn’s head
PLL isn’t afraid to take murder to the next level. That’s exactly what happened when Noel Kahn had his head chopped off. His head literally rolled down the stairs, too. It was a moment that was hard not to let out a little laugh because it was so over-the-top. Also, did anyone really care about Noel?

17. The Liars forgiving Ali

Alison being forgiven on Pretty Little Liars is so wrong
Image: Giphy

We will never understand why Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna ever forgave Ali. Yes, people make mistakes and can change. Yes, Ali didn’t have the best upbringing, but she was a horrible human being. She was beyond awful and just plain cruel at times. Nope, that’s not someone we’d want in our lives, and it doesn’t make sense why the Liars would, either.

16. Ezra, aka The Creeper

Pretty Little Liars' Ezra is a total creeper
Image: Giphy

It’s really disturbing how many people actually want Ezria to work out in the long run. As much as we have adored Ezra at times, he is a total creeper. It’s sad how often people overlook the fact that he got involved with an underage girl who was also his student. Sorry not sorry, Ezra, but you should be in jail, not marrying your former student.

15. Every older guy who pursued these high school-age girls

The male characters on Pretty Little Liars are creepy
Image: Giphy

What is with PLL writing storylines about older guys wanting to get with high school girls? It is mind-boggling how this is seen as totally OK. Wren, Ezra, Wilden, Ian, Holbrook, Jake… the list is frighteningly long.

14. Spaleb

PLL putting Spencer and Caleb together is like when Friends tried to make Rachel and Joey happen. Neither relationship should have ever been a thing.

13. The DiLaurentis/Hastings/Drake family tree

This family tree has just gotten ridiculous — and it’s really hard to keep track of. If you think about it, not only is Spencer Jason’s half-sister, but she is also his cousin. It is way too much to handle.

12. The mask maker

In Season 4, Aria, Hanna and Emily visited a mask maker with ties to Ali. Of course, Emily agreed to let this super creepy mask maker put plaster all over her face to make a mask. Who in their right mind would do that?

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11. Ella and the bees

Getting attacked by bees would be absolutely terrifying, but the way this played out was ridiculous. Aria literally stood still as she watched bees attack her mom inside a car. Maybe she was in shock, but Aria managed to find her voice and yell at her mom. This is when you run over and try to get your mom out of the car, Aria!

10. Emily’s dad is Spider-Man

Before Emily’s dad died, he took on the hero role and actually scaled the side of Rosewood High School to save his daughter. She got trapped inside by A, and her dad came to the rescue. Just watching him act like Spider-Man was entertaining. These things only happen in Rosewood.

9. Tippi, the bird

Oh, Tippi. Who knew a bird could hold so many clues and answers? What ever happened to Tippi? Does A.D. have her? It’s hard to keep track of every character’s whereabouts.

8. Spencer’s bone corset

This was a bit much, even for PLL. You’re also telling us that when Spencer put on her wedding dress to model that neither she nor anyone else noticed there were finger bones in her corset? Come. On.

7. Paige and Emily’s romance

Remember that time Paige drowned Emily? Yeah, that was a lovely moment. So much so that Emily and Paige ended up as love interests. Um, OK? It would make sense that the person who shoved your head underwater would be someone you’d end up falling for (side note: this is pure sarcasm).

6. Hanna goes to the dentist
When Hanna went to the dentist and woke up with a message from A hidden inside her tooth, it was so bananas. It was like a tiny scroll was hanging out in her mouth. Anything and everything happens on this show, that’s for sure.

5. Mona’s blood

This was ridiculous, even for Mona. She planned her own death by drawing her own blood into vials. She then used said blood to make her house look like a murder scene in order to frame Ali for her death. If anyone knows how to fake their death in style, it’s Mona.

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4. When Ali drugged her friends

Here is yet another reason we would never want to be friends with Ali. That time the Liars, including Ali, spent the night in Spencer’s barn, they didn’t just pass out from drinking too much. They passed out because Ali drugged them so she could figure out who was sending her the threatening texts. She seriously is the worst person ever.

3. Jason dated his sibling
When we learned that Charlotte was actually Jason and Ali’s sibling, it was shocking. It quickly became a messed up situation when it dawned on us that Jason dated his sibling, when she was going by CeCe Drake. No, PLL, this is not OK. Similar to that Jenna and Toby storyline, this incest plot line should have stopped before it even started.

2. Ali carrying Emily’s baby

We dreaded this would become a reality. Ali is pregnant with Emily’s child (the dad is still unknown). A.D. stole Emily’s eggs and then implanted them in Ali. Let’s be clear that all of this was without Ali or Emily’s consent. Both of their bodies were violated for this to happen. It’s not only ridiculous but upsetting.

1. Toby’s do-rag

Yes, Toby’s do-rag is the most ridiculous storyline. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? While he was in juvie, he actually wore a do-rag. Why did anyone think this was OK? Toby, you are never permitted to wear a do-rag ever again.

We have a feeling even more crazy moments will ensue before the series comes to an end. The two-hour Pretty Little Liars series finale airs Tuesday, June 27, at 8/7c on Freeform.

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