Reality Steve Admits His ‘Spoiler’ for 2017 Winner of The Bachelorette Is All Wrong

If you’re a self-professed member of Bachelor Nation, you no doubt know the name Reality Steve. The king of spoilers, the entertainment guru has been predicting winners of the Bachelor/Bachelorette for years with alarming accuracy… until now?

Before we go any further, suffice it to say this article contains potential spoilers. The fact that it centers around a man who reveals TV spoilers for a living should be a solid first clue. But in case there is any lingering doubt, what you are about to read will propose the potential winner of The Bachelorette and by proxy Rachel Lindsay’s heart.

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If you do not want to have that secret knowledge rolling around in your brain whilst Rachel narrows down her suitors each week, avert your eyes. Got it? Good. Let’s discuss.

Should you be the kind of person who considers spoilers light reading, like myself, you may have already stumbled across Reality Steve’s original assertion that Peter Kraus will be revealed as the winner of this season of The Bachelorette.

Per the norm, he was pretty confident in this conclusion, declaring that Lindsay was “engaged to Peter” and this wasn’t a “personal guess.” And while Reality Steve has historically been spot-on with these bold predictions, you know how the saying goes — you can’t win ’em all.

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In a rare move, Reality Steve was wrong and thus fessed up to it.

“I can honestly tell you that every season since I’ve been spoiling, I get told all the time from somewhere by someone ‘Oh, your spoiler is wrong’ after I release the ending of the show. Just in the last few seasons, I was told specifically that Chris picked Becca after I posted the spoiler — didn’t happen. The next season was the Kaitlyn mess when I had her as single and was told two days before her snapchat fiasco she was engaged to Shawn. Then I was told Ben picked JoJo — he didn’t, was told JoJo picked Robby — she didn’t, then someone said last season Nick picked Raven — he didn’t. So it happens every single season like clockwork. I fully expect it, it’s usually nothing, and I’ve never wavered from my original post. And yet again, it’s happened this season after I posted the spoiler. However, after looking into it deeper, this time it turns out to be right. I’m sure all the Rachel/Peter fans are about to go into cardiac arrest, but I’m here to tell you…the spoiler I posted on May 17th was wrong. Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo.

Talk about dropping a bomb! Bad news for Peter; great news for Bryan. Since Bryan has been my personal favorite so far (first impression rose-getters FTW), I can’t say I’m too broken up about the development.
Plus, Peter is such a solid guy, he’ll obviously fare well in the future. There’s a high likelihood we’ll see him again in Bachelor in Paradise and possibly even as the next Bachelor.
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As for Reality Steve, you’ve gotta give the guy props for being so forthcoming about his mistake. He doesn’t make excuses or get defensive; he simply comes out with the hard-to-swallow fact that he got some bad information.
“I hate being wrong, especially about the ending, but like I said it’s not like I’m finding this out the day before the finale or something,” he said of the new reveal. “It’s been corrected and you’ve got two months to watch the show in a different light now. It’s the new reality. Bryan can suck Rachel’s face off until the end of time.”


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