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Halle Berry Addresses Pregnancy Rumors Herself

It looks like fans shouldn’t expect to see Halle Berry carrying around a new bundle of joy in the near future — unless that bundle comes with some Heinz 57 sauce.

Rumors that the star could be pregnant reached a fever pitch in the days following her Sunday night appearance at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles. The speculation was largely fueled by photos of Berry striking a pose that made it appear she was cradling her stomach.

Halle Berry at Chrysalis Ball
Image: FayesVision/WENN

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When you’re pregnant, especially early in the pregnancy, this is a classic pose. Not only is it something many pregnant women do instinctively, but it’s also a great deterrent to quite literally being sized up by spectators wondering whether or not you are, in fact, with child.

In Berry’s case, however, it would seem the pose was purely coincidental.

After her publicist confirmed to Refinery29 the rumors were false, Berry took to Instagram herself to post a cheeky response to all of the fuss over the state of her uterus. Along with a close-up shot in which Berry’s face features an “over it AF” expression, she coyly states, “Can a girl have some steak and fries??” A wink and an eye roll emoji followed for good measure.

And amen to that, right? Berry should be able to stroll down a red carpet looking like the million bucks she did without people worrying about how taut her tummy is. If she were pregnant, it would be up to her to announce the news at a time that feels right to her.

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Berry seems to be taking the fuss in stride, though, approaching it with humor.

Of course, she’s probably too busy focusing on the two daughters she does have — 9-year-old Nahla Ariela Aubry with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and 3-year-old Maceo Robert Martinez with ex-husband Olivier Martinez — to stress too much about commentary over her body.

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Besides, we’re betting that steak and fries was worth the impending scrutiny. Berry does seem to be sporting that special glow: the one that comes from eating a damn good meal. Food baby FTW!

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