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Katy Perry’s American Idol Paycheck Revealed, & Holy Shit!

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Katy Perry is sticking to her story that she’s getting paid $25 million to be a judge on the revival of American Idol that’s coming this fall, which is low-key enough money to buy several private islands. And while there are former judges who seem to be pretty OK with Perry’s payday, there are others who are less than thrilled.

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First, Paula Abdul, who was one of the series’ original judges and left after eight seasons — reportedly because she felt like she deserved to make more than Fox would give her for the job. She did an interview with Entertainment Tonight during which she was asked about Perry’s paycheck, and she didn’t seem to have a problem with another woman making that cash money.

“Good for her,” Abdul said. “Let’s just put it on the record: I was not getting $25 million.”

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Another judge who isn’t quite so pleased? Mariah Carey.

Carey was asked by paparazzi about Perry’s salary, and her response was less than gracious: a sarcastic “great” through clenched teeth as she hustled by. We know Carey is a diva, but can’t she be happy for a colleague?

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Of course, we don’t even know for sure that Perry’s making that much. She claims Idol is paying her $25 million, but an insider at ABC has denied that figure, telling reporters that Perry “is not getting $25 million.”

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