Obviously Kelly Ripa & Justin Trudeau Talked About How Hot He Is

Live With Kelly and Ryan is visiting Niagara Falls for a few days this week, which made it the perfect time for the show to go full Canadian. What’s more Canadian than the country’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau? He’s basically the perfect guest for daytime TV because he’s smart and interesting and politically relevant, but let’s be real: He’s also super-hot.

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That little fact was not lost on hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, who brought up Trudeau’s looks during his Monday interview — the first time a Canadian prime minister has appeared on Live.

“How does your wife feel about you being named the sexiest politician alive?” Ripa asked Trudeau, and thank goodness, because it’s something we’ve all been wondering.

“My wife’s the one who doesn’t believe it. She’s like, ‘Really?’ She knows what I look like when I get up in the morning,” Trudeau answered.

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Bless Ripa, because she asked the question we were all thinking: “Is it so different than this?” referencing Trudeau’s appearance during the interview. His response? “A little messier.” Come on, man. That sounds even hotter.

Of course, the interview couldn’t be all fun. Trudeau also delved into Canada’s relationship with the United States and Donald Trump, which seems a little strained these days, especially when compared to the Trudeau-Obama bromance we saw before November.

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“We have a good, constructive working relationship and that’s the important part of it,” Trudeau said, clearly choosing his words in the interest of diplomacy. “Today is World Environment Day. [Trump and I] don’t agree on that, because I think there’s a lot of good jobs in the environment that we’re building for. But we both agree that the most important responsibility of a leader is to create good jobs for middle-class people across our countries and we’re connected on that.”

Think Canada will trade us Trudeau for Trump? No? Shoot.


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