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Prince William Meeting With Manchester First Responders Is Good & Pure

The British royal family continues to be an example to the world in how it’s responding to the terrorist bombing that happened at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester earlier this month. Members of the family have released touching statements. The queen visited victims and their families in the hospital. Now, Prince William has met with first responders who were at the scene of the tragic incident.

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One of those who Prince William met with was a police officer who was off duty and picking up his daughter from the concert at the time of the attack. Michael Buckley’s 15-year-old daughter, Stephanie, was OK after the bombing but was treated for a concussion and some crush injuries. She and her father weren’t able to unite until the morning after the bombing took place.

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“When I walked into the foyer of the arena, it was absolute devastation. There were people screaming, others crying and others making no sound at all,” Michael Buckley told reporters. “I knew my daughter was in there somewhere.”

Buckley also told reporters how much he appreciated meeting with Prince William, who asked first responders if they were getting enough support in the aftermath of the tragedy, because he is a literal angel, like wow — can you even imagine an American politician asking that question? No. You cannot. Because they would never.

The royal family has been such a stand-up bunch all the way through the horror of the attack. Their super classy statement about the events, released by Prince William, read, “Like everyone, Catherine, Harry and I are left shocked and saddened by the tragedy that unfolded in Manchester overnight. Hundreds of friends, parents, children and partners are confronting unimaginable grief today, and we send our thoughts to them all. We also send our thanks to the people of Manchester for their display of strength, decency and community that is an example to the world.”

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That’s what it looks like to have a leader with class, in case any of y’all Americans wondered.

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