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Leonardo DiCaprio Leads Resistance to Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement Decision

In yet another shocking decision coming out of the White House, Trump’s decision for the United States to leave the Paris Agreement left celebs as pissed as the rest of us. Not missing a beat, there was a host of high-profile people taking to their Twitter accounts to amplify their displeasure at the profoundly unnecessary withdrawal.

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Among the many voicing their displeasure on Thursday was noted environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. When he’s not busy winning Oscars or looking dapper AF in a tux, you may have caught his documentary on National Geographic, Before the Flood, which examines the growing climate change crisis. Naturally, given DiCaprio’s passion for this issue, he sent out a few tweets urging people to take action while also politely condemning Trump’s decision.

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DiCaprio wasn’t the only celebrity speaking out against Trump. Other commentaries, noticeably more colorful and outraged, came from a great many celebrities who didn’t want to miss a beat. John Legend, who notably and consistently claps back to Trump, didn’t mince words about why Trump may be doing more harm than good for the American people.

Documentarian Michael Moore also didn’t miss the opportunity to speak out against Trump’s decision. In one of a few tweets, Moore expressed his anger and put it plainly that Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement could hurt Americans, full stop.

In an oddly grounded moment of celebrity activism, Katy Perry tweeted out a plea to Trump to remember that his decisions affect children for generations to come.

Finally, actor and activist George Takei was not fooling around when he stated, simply, his analysis of Trump’s ridiculous decision.

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This will certainly not be the last time we hear from celebrities about political matters. Nor, do I think, will it be the last time this president does something worthy of so much ire and outrage that it demands a loud response. Let’s hope that someone, somewhere, is actually listening.

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