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Gal Gadot’s, aka Wonder Woman’s, ‘Whiteness’ Is Being Called Into Question

Earlier today, a Twitter Moment expanded upon the idea that Gal Gadot, the Israeli star of the new Wonder Woman movie, is a person of color. In an unsurprisingly controversial article, stated just that: Gal Gadot, because she was born in Israel, is not white but in fact a person of color. To quote, “Simply put: LOOKING white, doesn’t mean you ARE white.”

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Thankfully, journalist and artist S.I. Rosenbaum jumped into the conversation as fast as Wonder Woman herself. In a 25-tweet-long thread, the self-proclaimed Ashkenazi Jew explained clearly and thoroughly the differences between religion, nationality and ethnicity, and what it means to be white and to be a person of color.

Rosenbaum starts off strong with a callout.

Then, she perfectly explains what couldn’t.

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The full thread can be read in the Twitter Moment, but to summarize, in Rosenbaum’s eloquent words, “NOT BEING WHITE DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE OF COLOR. It’s not a dichotomy. It’s not all about melanin, though that’s part of it; it’s also about personal history and heritage.”

Both and the author of the article have yet to respond to the thread or take down the article itself.

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