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Noah Cyrus Doesn’t Want to Be Compared to Her Sister Miley Anymore

Anyone who has siblings knows what it’s like to be compared to each other and how annoying that can be. Now imagine being the Cyrus sisters, Noah and Miley, a famous duo in the same industry with the same famous dad, just trying to pave their own way. Well, not surprisingly, Noah is over the comparisons to Miley.

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In an exclusive interview with Refinery29, Noah talked about her multiple singles that have come out rapid-fire, including “I’m Stuck,” “Stay Together,” and “Make Me (Cry).” She also discussed the hard time she’s had with commenters on Instagram and how much that negativity affects her. And then came the frustration about being compared to Miley.

Young Miley and Noah in LA
Image: WENN

Noah, 17, tells Refinery29, “I think we’re so different that there really is no comparison. The only comparison is that we’re sisters. We’re completely different, just two artists. There are so many other female artists that don’t get compared the way I do with Miley.”

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I understand the frustration. The only similarity is that they essentially have the same voice, but that’s just genetics. Other than that, the two have a very different sound. Miley has been all over the map, from children’s music to country to pop to rap and now back to pop. And through all that, Noah has released three hit singles that have their own sound and voice behind them.

Noah added, “I don’t think we’ll ever fully understand why us being sisters makes it OK to compare all the time.” And I would agree. Siblings will be part of the same family forever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have the same opinion to give, the same thoughts about the world or the same songs to sing.

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