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Leonardo DiCaprio Speaking Italian to the Pope Is Heavenly AF

Everyone ready? Are you sitting? Why don’t you just take a seat. Make sure you’re in a quiet space. Are you ready now? OK. Now watch this video of our sweet, sweet Leonardo DiCaprio speaking fluent Italian to the pope.

How are we doing? Is everyone OK? Need to watch it again? That’s fine. Watch as many times as you need. Lord knows I did.

DiCaprio visited Pope Francis while filming his documentary Before the Flood about the dangers of climate change and possible solutions to saving our planet. He met with scientists, activists and world leaders, which is where the pope comes in.

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While this is an extremely serious subject, I couldn’t help but be completely swept off my carbon footprints by DiCaprio’s beautifully formed Italian sentence, so much so that I had to look up what he said. (Just in case, you know, it’s something I could fantasize him saying to me.) According to PopSugar, he says, “Your Holiness, thank you for granting me this private audience.”

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If that isn’t the most respectful and warm gesture you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. (And yes, it’s actually a sentence that should be said to me by all men.) Anyway, the meeting was not only pleasurable for the audience and DiCaprio, but it was the first of its kind in all of history. According to the documentary itself, a sitting pope has never met with anyone to discuss the modern and scientifically proven phenomenon of climate change.

So, Leonardo DiCaprio has done it again: simultaneously dazzled us with some kind of deeply personal performance and broken barriers for religion and science to work together. And that might be the sexiest sentence ever. The next sexiest sentence would be, “Leonardo DiCaprio to star as the next Young Pope.” I can dream.

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