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A Roundup of Anderson Cooper Laughing on Camera Because We Love It So Much

Walter Cronkite may have made history when he infamously shed a tear at the news of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, has made a name for himself for shedding a tear to two as well — except Cooper sheds his while laughing uncontrollably at the ridiculousness that is life.

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Cooper’s adorable little giggle is just the icing on his reporting cake.

Anderson Cooper laughing
Image: CNN

I think most of us will admit that we tune in to The RidicuList just to see if Cooper will crack… and crack he has. So, it only felt right to compile the best laugh attacks for Cooper’s birthday today.

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We dare you not to giggle right along with Cooper.

1. When he just couldn’t talk about Dyngus Day

2. When Wolf Blitzer tries to steal our Cooper giggles

3. When Gerard Depardieu peed on a plane, because bodily functions are hilarious

4. When a 12-inch sandwich became a sexual innuendo

5. When Cooper added himself to The RidicuList

6. When he pinned Kelly Ripa to her desk

7. When he couldn’t use a shake weight

8. When Cooper talked about Stephen Colbert’s nuts… and more

9. When Cooper and Colbert geeked out about Dungeons & Dragons

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What is your favorite giggling Anderson Cooper moment?

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